This-way: artist-designed prompts to try out with your patrons!

Hello, all!

I wanted to share out a cool project that came out of MIT’s List Visual Arts Center. The List Center has curated a series of walks, that have been designed by artists to “re-engage” with our daily environments (which reminded me of our Urban Ecology activity!). Each of the 9 artist-created walks include audio clips that contexualize the walk (and lead you through how to complete it), as well as short PDF guides to lead you on your adventure.

Some of the walks I loved most included a Shadow Walk (basically a shadow scavenger hunt using your phone!) by Corin Hewett; a sound walk of mourning for Adam Toldedo, designed by Maria Gaspar; and a guide for restfulness and remoteness by Shannon Finnegan.

I encourage everyone to check out the full series description here! Many of these seem like great library programming – hope that some of you are able to try them out, either with some friends or your patrons!


These sound really fun! I think families would enjoy doing them together!