Session 3: Framing our activity prompts

Take at look at the PLIX activities. Which ones would you like to try in your library?

Check out one activity and look at the suggested prompts.

  • Which ones excite you :star_struck: ?
  • How are they both open-ended yet well framed :framed_picture: ?
  • Could you come up with your own prompts for the activity :bulb: ?

Share your thoughts below.

I’ve been looking at the Urban Ecology activity to plan a program at my library. I like the “sound” prompts in the Sensory Nature Walk. I think this is a good one:

“Listen closely to the world around you; search for a “living” sound—a dog barking, a bird singing. Record what you hear. How far away are the sounds? What sounds are you making—as you stand, breathe, write, or draw?”

I would say it’s well framed because it directs your attention in a specific way with “living” sounds, even giving examples of sounds to search for. Within that moment of attention and searching for sounds, there are so many different things to notice and ways of responding/processing. Sound is a sense that we’re naturally so used to tuning out, so I think an even more open-ended prompt-something like “What do you hear?”- wouldn’t be as effective at capturing deep attention and inviting varied responses.

I also love that it relates to Pauline Oliveros and Deep Listening :slight_smile:


Since I’m already doing Paper Circuits I decided to look into Beautiful Symmetry.

I pitched Beautiful Symmetry to my manager to coincide with our adult Crafternoon program as I thought it fit well within the program’s aesthetic of recycling and repurposing objects. I like the ideas of designing textiles with stamps or creating a tapestry with symmetrical objects from the environment.

There are enough parameters to get our regular patrons started, but there’s also a lot of wiggle room for people to interpret things as they wish. I’d rather not focus on the technical side of this, as our regulars tend to be patrons 55 and up; plus, they love working with their hands on a tangible object.

We could definitely come up with our own prompts; I’ve run this program past my manager and my coworker who runs Crafternoon and they’re definitely interested. It’s certainly be something to explore and I feel our patrons would really get a kick out of it.


@joem I’m glad I stumbled on this post because I’m doing a photo nature walk later this fall with my patrons and you got me thinking how I could incorporate Urban Ecology into it. Thank you!


Nice! That sounds so cool! I’d love to see what you end up doing for your nature walk program.