[Make'n'Meet Workshop Share-Out] Heart on Your Sleeve with (In)visibile Self

Hello there! :wave:

Did you attend our May 2022 activity workshop, Heart on Your Sleeve with (In)visible Self?

Here’s your chance to share your creations with the community, and reflect on the making process! On this thread, share out your ideas or what you created during the workshop, and write a short description of your work and your process.

Please also share any reflections you have about facilitating this activity with your patrons:

  • How do you see this activity running in your library?
  • What are some key facilitation techniques that might arise when you’re running this workshop?
  • What are some other ways to explore (In)visible Self :heartpulse: with your patrons (prompts that excite you; themes that align with things your library is currently doing)?

Looking forward to seeing your projects!
-Ada (ᵔᵕᵔ)/