Session 5: Remixing PLIX activities

How would a PLIX activity work in your space and community? Share your thoughts below.

Also check out the PLIX remix guide, and forum posts with the #remix tag. Have you created a remix? We would love to hear about it!

Crafts in general are very popular at my branches, but as my patrons skew older they tend to be averse to anything involving technology. This is why I chose Paper Circuits for my programming bin: it’s a low-floor/high-ceiling/wide-walls activity! I feel it’s simple enough that anyone can participate but complex enough that it’ll be a reward when they complete it. I also love combining art and technology to make the technology more accessible to older patrons (my “spinach in the brownies” philosophy).

We’re doing Paper Circuits tomorrow and Saturday so I will report back how it was received! :partying_face:

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Hi Stefanie, Thank you for sharing your experience here. Paper Circuits is definitely one of my favorite activities because of the low-high tech component. Low cost, no coding, and definitely highly rewarding.

Looking forward to hearing your reflections from your Paper Circuits workshop! Also, I love your “spinach in the brownies” philosophy. I imagine your patrons have a :yum: :face_with_monocle: :scream: :man_dancing: expression, when they experience it.

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@ada that is the same exact reaction sequence my staff had when doing this craft! :joy: Like I said, all but one person’s project lit up on the first try, and if not, they troubleshooted (?) it brilliantly. Yes, they’re librarians, but a few are in the demographic we most often serve (55+, not very tech-savvy or tech-averse) so that was a great gauge to see it in action.

I’ve advised my fellow teammembers to try it with their teams first, so we’ll see how that goes as well!

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That’s so good to hear! Sounds like you’ve been doing a fantastic job facilitating for your staff and patrons.