Taking Paper Circuits to the next level

Johnson County Black & Veatch Makerspace just finished up our 1st round of Take & Make Kits. We were inspired by the paper circuit workshop we had taken in November. Here’s our example of taking paper circuits to the next level with our LED Paper Lantern Take & Make kits. To access instructions and templates for our design go to: https://gateway.on24.com/wcc/eh/2469750/lp/3113118/led-paper-lanterns

Here’s an example of the kit we had provided to our patrons.

Here’s an example of the circuit setup.


@AngelicaS this is beautiful! How have the take-and-makes been going? This activity is such a cool remix; I love the idea of adding a sculptural element to the circuits.


Thank you! All four of our Take & Makes that we have offered have been successful! So successful we ran out of kits!
This was our first run of the Take & Makes that we had offered as a seasonal program. We have patrons who are already asking when we will offer them again. We plan on running a series of new Take & Makes in the fall.


This is really inspiring, thanks for sharing. We have some of these supplies on hand and it would be a great way to push them out for a fun activity.


Awesome! Please reach out if you have any questions.

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