Oceans of Possibilities with Animated Paper Circuits

Here at Johnson County Public Library Makerspace the librarians and Makers are getting started early with developing our Take & Make projects and the Summer Reading Program theme in mind, Ocean of Possibilities!
One project in particular, I have been developing is an animated paper circuit that shows the movement of Jellies swimming across the deep blue sea.

Here’s an example of the layout.


I absolutely LOVE this, Angelica. Do you have a template for the paper circuit part that you’re planning on having patrons use? Also, what is the top sheet with the jellyfish made out of, and did you make that yourself or buy it somewhere? Would love to know more about this. Looks like it’ll be a really fun project for Summer Reading.


Hello! This is beautiful! If you are willing, please post the pattern and the instructions. I love this! Very creative.

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Paper Circuit layout 2

Hello! Here’s an example of the Paper circuit template that I created for the card. I tweaked a battery holder template that I found online at: Paper Battery Holder Tutorial | Chibitronics

The instructions and video tutorial are currently a work in progress. I won’t be able to share them yet.

The cutout of jellies were hand drawn by yours truly. I drew inspiration from the beautiful movement and gestures jellies form while swimming through the ocean, I then laser cut them out of a black card stock.

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Thank you!!!

Your Jellies design is AWESOME! I will be sure to share credit to you when we do the program next summer.


This is so beautiful! And clever! I love jellyfish! And I love that you drew them.

We too are inspired by chibitronics. We redesigned our Paper Circuits zine to look more like the pages of Jie Qi’s original Circuit Sketchbook. You can edit it in Google Slides to make it even more your own.

If you don’t mind a potential simplification to your template: you may be able to put the battery inside the fold along the bottom of your design. You can see this in action in the “Running LEDs” template that isn’t part of the zine but hanging out there as slide 6.

that is, your template could look like this, and then you may not need the extra battery pack?



Hello! And Thank you for the resources. That is so cool that PLIX offers the capability to edit and customize the Paper Circuit zine pages based on Jie Qi’s circuit sketchbook.

Also, I can’t wait to test out another solution to the LED template. :slight_smile: