[Spatial Poetry] Call for beta-testers!

Hello there, everyone! :frog:

We are currently co-designing a brand new PLIX Activity–Spatial Poetry–that centers on exploration and creative writing to interrogate and reimagine maps, history, place-names, and community. :world_map:

Beginning in mid-October, we plan to test out this activity with some folks in the PLIX community to get feedback on our learning materials and prompts. We’ll send you all the materials (AKA PLIX care packages :wink: ) you need to get started, and facilitate co-making sessions online to explore the activity as a group, sharing ideas and thinking about remixes.

Interested? We’d love to have you! Sign up to participate here. Feel free to ask any questions on this thread. :tada:

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This sounds so cool! When is the deadline to apply to be a beta tester?


Hi, @spiccino :smiley: The deadline to apply is the 14th of October!

Dear Sir,
I 'm sorry i couldn’t attend your meeting and i apologize for that. My name is Alexandre Simonet. I am a librarian (in the south of France in Nîmes) and we have invented a mapping tool to tell stories: documentary, fictional or poetic stories linked with a digital map. We organize public workshops for associations, schools, artists and the public. To do this, we have developed a theme for wordpress. https://www.geoproject.fr It is free, and we accompany our users (from 10 years old without age limit…) projects. We are very interested in your space storytelling projects. We will follow you with great “greed”.

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