[Make’n’Meet Workshop Share-Out] Found Poems with Spatial Poetry

Hello there, PLIXers!

Did you attend our February activity workshop, Found Poems with Spatial Poetry? :world_map:

Here’s your chance to share your creations with the community, and reflect on the making process! On this thread, share out the Found Poem you created during the workshop, and write a short description of your work and your process.

Please also share any reflections you have about facilitating this activity with your patrons:

  • How do you see this activity running in your library?

  • What are some key facilitation tips that might arise when you’re running this workshop?

  • What are some other ways to explore Spatial Poetry with your patrons (prompts that excite you; themes that align with things your library is currently doing)?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects :frog:

Found Poems is my favorite prompt for Spatial Poetry because I love to throw things together, cut out words and glue them on paper. Collage is my happy place. I don’t worry about the beauty of the words as much as the visual representation. The words sort of happen. The base map is from a 1933 tourism brochure that must have been made prior to the 1933 earthquake, which devastated much of Long Beach. Many of the sights listed are no longer in existence. Indeed, the Tongva village called Povuu’nga is gone - due to a different kind of devastation.
I think this activity lends itself well to a take and make kit, as you could throw in random images, maps, art materials, and make of it whatever comes together for each participant. It is great to encourage personal takes on the places and images.