OctoStudio question

The project I’m working on requires a dot to appear every time I tap the screen. 5 taps= 5 dots. Do I need to create a sprite for every tap and code it? Or is there another, easier, way?

Do you want all the dots showing up, one by one, up to 5? Then you’ll need 5 separate dots. If they’re doing similar things, it’s easy to copy the sprite with the code.

If you want them to show up one at a time, you can do some finagling with the code to make it work with just one dot.

this idea sounds so interesting @Jean_Daley
was really curious what project you’re making, and if you found a way to do what you wanted in the end ? : )

I’m working on making a digital version of Press Here, by Herve Tullet. And I’m struggling!!! If I use the ‘tap’ block, and then tap again…well, I have to find a way to code around the tapping.

I did something, no idea what, and allllll the code became wonky. I started over last night. ;/


oh wow i did not know of this book, but watched this read along and it just seems perfect for recreating parts in OctoStudio :star_struck:

Wondering if Wait Until Tap block could help you with waiting for multiple taps at some points in this ?

…not sure what might have happened with the wonky code, but def would be delighted to help anytime, if you get stuck with your new version <3

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I had not seen that block! It’s a game-changer. Thank you!


you’re most welcome @Jean_Daley :heart: can’t wait to see this project, sounds an awesome idea!

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