A Microscopic Adventure on a housefly!

I was playing with my handheld microscope when I had an idea for an OctoStudio project.

Exploring with a microscope is already fun, but these microscopic worlds are not really places we can play around in! But in OctoStudio, we can shrink ourselves down and go on adventures in the hidden world around us. So here’s a very short project, where I shrink myself down and wander onto the wing of a housefly… which is surprisingly hairy!

I wonder what other surprising textures and patterns we may discover in the hidden microscopic worlds around us.

Download the project file:
microscopic adventure.octostudio (669.3 KB)

Here’s a screenshot:


This is such a good idea! I can see patrons getting really creative with the items they choose to magnify. Do you know which type of handheld microscope you used and the attachment you used for your phone?

I have the Carson MicroBrite (handheld microscope) with the smartphone clip.

Here’s a link to a set of 4 for ~$70. This is 60-120x magnification. There’s also a 100-250x magnification one here.


I use these: https://www.amazon.com/Opti-Tekscope-Digital-Microscope-Definition-1600x1200/dp/B00PEZ3GMK
They come out of the stand for handheld use (looking in ears and noses is a favorite use by my young participants - alcohol pads are a must!). And they’re fairly easy to use and hook up to a laptop.