LED Guide for Paper Circuits

I’ve been lucky to go to a series of Paper Circuits Club meetings with Jie Qi (the researcher who PLIX co-designed the Paper Circuits activity with, based very heavily on her art and ongoing work) and Natalie Freed. They now work together at Chibitronics.

Natalie shared this great resource, a guide about different kinds of LEDs. She said I could share it. Enjoy!


I also enjoyed this resource from Prospect Sierra School

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That same teacher, Hannah, has made some simple instructional videos that are pretty good too!
Lesson Videos

I especially like this one:


Thank you for sharing this comparison of different LEDs. So helpful to learn more about resistors and why the blue LEDs don’t “play nice” with the other colors. I :heart: the Chibitronics stickers!..makes me want to do some more tinkering with paper circuits.


More documentation from Hannah Grimm of Prospect Sierra School in the Bay Area at tonight’s Paper Circuits Club.
Check out her troubleshooting flowchart!

Love it!