Pop-up Award Podium Paper Circuits

In last week’s PLIX Open Hours (for PLIX Rural & Tribal Library Toolkit Project), I made an award podium pop-up paper circuit!

Cow wins a gold medal :cow: :1st_place_medal: !

There are 3 LEDs in this parallel circuit. (Learn more about parallel and series circuits on Chibitronics.) I discovered the white, green, and blue LEDs did not work in this circuit. Maybe it’s a voltage issue?

Also I only had the button LEDs, but you can learn more about flat LED options in LED Guide for Paper Circuits.


That’s awesome. I really like your design.

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@Jhayden Thanks John! I love how you hid the circuit in the back of your pop-up card.

Love your parallel circuit! This is a great example of how the copper tape is both functional and adds to the design element.

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Thank you @Tracy !