January Community Call Wrap-Up

Hello, everyone! :ocean:

In case you weren’t able to attend, here are the notes from the PLIX-wide January Community Call :sparkles::man_dancing::dancer: :notes:

We heard from three J-WEL phase I participants (@Sammie_Betler, @LisaLewis, and @cschaeff), who described their experiences in adapting PLIX activities for their rural and tribal contexts. These three also co-facilitated the community call as PLIX Creative Learning Ambassadors!

@Michelle shared some ideas about exploring the utility of PLIX in different contexts, and how our activities can be adapted to better fit with some of the challenges and opportunities faced by librarians in our community. Head over to the thread she created to lend your feedback!

@sami.kerzel got us thinking about the elements of creative learning that can be missed out on when running programming at a distance or in kit form. Check out the thread she’s started for a deeper dive, and to add to the conversation. We’re super excited about this question, and can’t wait to see what we can come up with together. Thanks, Sami, for the contribution!

Weren’t able to attend? No problem! Add any updates you’d like to share with the community on this thread! Let us know if you’re planning to run any PLIX activities, any questions or challenges you’ve faced lately, or just share any recent experiences you’ve had with STEAM programming in the library!

See you all at our February Workshop: Spatial Poetry! (Don’t forget to register! :clipboard:)