9/24 Community Call Wrap-Up

Hey everyone!

As promised, here is some wrap-up info from our call last week. The whole PLIX team had a great time. I know @binka and @caratarmey were happy to introduce themselves to the group, and it was aaaaaawesome to see new librarians!!

Check out our notes here >> September 2020 Community Call Agenda & Notes

Some things I want to highlight:

  • We’re trying to get 100 members in our forum this month! Invite your colleagues, and make sure they share their favorite breakfast in the Welcome thread :wink:. I’m running out of meal ideas…
  • @claudiahaines and her co-authors (including @paula!) just published “Making the Connection: Computational Thinking and Early Learning for Young Children and Their Families” in the July/August 2020 issue of Public Libraries magazine. Check it out!
  • @Brian has been running make with micro:bit programs, where they’re sending micro:bit out with patrons, then hosting Zoom sessions where kids share out what they’ve made
  • @Tienya_Smith ran Future Humans with the Beam Center. Check out the results! These GIFs are so cool. The program lasted all summer and involved both synchronous (video call) and asynchronous (Rocket.Chat). Patrons picked up materials from the library and designed wearables for possible life on other planets. :alien:
  • We talked a ton about Take and Makes. Thanks, @averymsnormandin, for bringing this up! @zmargoli had a great question for the group: What combination of materials feels like a good balance between technical enough to promote open-ended work, but is not so messy that it’s overwhelming?
  • @binka asked about what you want to see in our November workshop (official invite going out on Monday). We were cut short in this discussion, and if would love to hear more comments from you for the questions>> What are you looking for in an online workshop space? What are models that you’d like us to learn from for having an online workshop like this?

Sorry for the delay in my posting this… I went on vacation right after last week’s call! Make sure to RSVP for future workshops. See you soon! :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:

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