Beautiful Symmetry program reportback

I used the Beautiful Symmetry program for a recent virtual Family STEAM Night. I’m happy to report it went really well, in particular how well it adapted to a virtual format!

I read the book “Seeing Symmetry” by Loreen Leedy with lots of stopping to ask questions and explore the symmetry around us (it was super fun when the book talked about facial symmetry to get to look at everyone’s faces up close on the Zoom screen!). Then we had a symmetry scavenger hunt where people went to look for particularly interesting or beautiful symmetrical things around their homes. We did a little show and tell and talked about what kind of symmetry each object had and why we picked it.

Then I offered a selection of options: creating something with line symmetry by folding a paper in half and cutting out a shape; creating something with rotational or line symmetry (depending) by folding a paper in multiple triangles or multiple rectangles; using stamps or stencils to create something symmetrical; creating your own stencil to create something symmetrical. I also talked about the idea of disrupting symmetry. I wanted to make it so that people could do the activity regardless of what supplies they had around them and how complex they wanted to get.

They were really engaged in the activity- several kids tried out more than one thing, and they had fun showing their creations. I linked to the zine as well as the coloring book in the chat if they wanted to explore more.