Symmetry with Middle Schoolers

We have an afterschool group from the middle school up the street that comes to visit us for programming once a month.

I presented the symmetry prompts to them at a recent visit and we all had fun! I collated the leftover supplies into folders and made kits that other people could take home.

I found that post-it notes make for pretty good origami paper if you are looking to make some teeny tiny items.

Here are some pics of things the kids made :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


@bborden Blayne this is so fantastic! Thanks for sharing photos of Beautiful Symmetry in action!! Those patterns and origami designs are so gorgeous. Can you tell us more about the letters on the right side of the folder? I vaguely recall someone bringing this up, maybe in the beta-testing. I am curious how you used it.

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@sami.kerzel I think came up with the idea to write letters of the alphabet symmetrically. She had shown us a photo of her symmetrical alphabet so I made a handout from it and also provided graph paper to support the exploration. I had one kid that was into trying to do this but most wanted to color or fold origami.

I can only hope that someone in Lexington somewhere also tried it after taking a kit home. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like the creativity! These are great! I would like to know how your kits are excepted.