Astronaut Tea Party Make'n'Meet Workshop!

PLIX is going to space—well sorta! Join us as we plan(et!) the most out-of-this-world tea party to date. Now’s your chance, how would you plan a tea party for astronauts?

Below: Share your ideas and creations for an astronaut tea party experience!

I tried combining a bunch of different parts of a tea party into one!

It took some time to think through what I wanted to do. You can see on the paper that I started doodling different elements of a tea party, and landed on a question of how it would be possible to dip a cookie in tea in space!

Since it’s hard to combine solids and liquids, I came up with a tea-gel cookie with a fork and a friend. It’s like it’s own tea party experience! The gel gives the cookie a tea flavor and prevents crumbs from getting away.


I love seeing your drawing, the zine, and your creation!

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Love thinking about this idea! <3

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Jenny! Always a lovely surprise to see you on this forum. It’s incredible how you are tuned in to all the discussion platforms.

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Hey Ada, sending Big Love back! :woman_astronaut: :tea: :cookie: :two_hearts:

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