March Make'n'Meet Workshop Share-Out <> Recreating Rituals with Space Food!

Hello there, PLIXers!

Did you attend our March activity workshop, Recreating Rituals with Space Food ? :rocket:

Here’s your chance to share your creations with the community, and reflect on the making process! On this thread, share your prototypes/tools/inventions, and write a short description of your work and your process.

Please also share any reflections you have about facilitating this activity with your patrons:

  • How do you see this activity running in your library?
  • What are some key facilitation tips that might arise when you’re running this workshop?
  • What are some other ways to explore Space Food with your patrons (prompts that excite you; themes that align with things your library is currently doing)?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects :frog:

In our group, we were talking about how to make meal time feel more like home. I thought about eating utensils and food prep tools that were made of natural materials like wood and stone. It wouldn’t take up more space, but it would feel a little like earth, and might feel soothing

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I was thinking about food and and the role it plays in relaxing and socializing and came up with some cake pop style appetizers that astronauts can enjoy during their mandatory daily downtime along with a game of (velcro backed) cards.
I like that there are a lot of parameters in place for the Space Food prompt such as no crumbs, long shelf life, no oven or freezer, etc… These guide the participant into the experience while still leaving the ceiling high and walls wide. Plus its just really interesting to learn about life in zero gravity.
I love that this project relies on recycled materials since they are free AND super fun to play with. I can totally see this project being a success with multiple age groups at my library. Most likely I’d add some other components to the program… maybe serve space ice cream, invite our local celebrity astronaut to speak, bring books about space travel etc…
I think this program definitely works best with some prepared examples so patrons understand that this is all about having fun and dreaming big.

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