Space food help! (Snack ideas)

I always, well, since working with PLIX, include a fun snack with our kits. What to include for Space Food? Space Ice cream is pricey and not that good. For Inflatables I did popcorn and symmetry was Cheez-its. Any ideas?

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We just had a space-themed event, and we tried to do food that had some sort of spacey name, like Starburst, Milky Way, Moon Pies, Star Crunch, etc. If you’re looking for something a little less on the candy side, one staff member had suggested cheese puffs, because they look kind of moonish? Same idea with something like an orange (though I’d suggest an orange wouldn’t be as much fun to get!). Or Stroopwafels are pretty yummy, and they look kind of moonish (complete with “craters” and everything). :wink:

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I love your ideas, @Sammie_Betler!
Jean, I think that something with gels that are like the food the astronauts eat would be good. And astronaut ice cream’s expensive but maybe there’s another food that is “vacuum-sealed, freeze-dried, and flat-packed” (as described in the Considerations for Dining in Space handout on the activity page?) Like are there small fruit snack packs?

Go into a cycling or running store. They have all kinds of gels, energy and protein snacks. Those distance athletes carry all kinds of treats in little packets. Or maybe go retro and get some Tang if they still make it.