Remixing CubeSats at Ballerup Library

Running and remixing CUBE SAT.

In 2018 we heard about the CUBE SAT project at NEXT LIBRARY i Berlin. And in 2019 we ran a remixed version of the program at Ballerup Library in Denmark.

We took the original CUBE SAT program, and with help form PLIX transfromed it in to a version witch could fit into our community and library makerspace.

The satellite sessions held at Ballerup Library were part of a larger project at Ballerup Library in the autumn of 2019. This larger project revolved around the UN17 sustainable development goals (SDG), and was named ”Verdens Bedste Løsninger” (eng: ”The World’s Best Solutions”, WBS).
The satellite sessions made up an important part of the project, which was partly funded by the Danish governmental culture department, Slots og Kulturstyrelsen. The other part of the project was a two day knowledge festival presenting a critical, but optimistic approach to solving the UN17 SDG and with participation of over 400 high school student and 250 citizens, volunteers and keynote speakers (in scale of Danish public library, this is a fine attendance).
One crucial requirement of the funded project was the involvement of the local high school and the Danish Technical University (DTU), to explore the potential for collaboration of the two in the ”neutral” setting that the library presents.

You can see the remixed program in the file… (coming soon .-))

Karen & Thomas, Ballerup Library, Denmark


Here is our evaluation, including photos of the sessions, and lists of supplies we used. We made the evaluation as a PDF-report, so here you’ll see the pages one by one.
Feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile: