Media Lab Perspectives Series: Space Environmentalism

I wanted to share with you all this opportunity to hear from an interesting researcher working in an area adjacent to several of our activities. While this is not sponsored by PLIX, it is a series run by our home, the MIT Media Lab. Before I was a student at the lab (and long before I joined the PLIX team), going to these talks at the lab was my primary early education in the research areas the lab comprises. I encourage the particularly nerdy tech enthusiasts among us to add this series to your calendars, and I’ll be trying to post other open-to-the-public learning opportunities like these!

the rest of this message is from ML HQ:

Please join us next week for the final session of our distinguished speaker series this spring, Media Lab Perspectives!

In this segment of the Media Lab Perspective Series, Professor Danielle Wood will welcome Professor Moriba K. Jah in discussing space environmentalism.

Professor Moriba Jah is a Space Environmentalist who is advancing our ability to understand how human objects in space create both services and risks of collisions. Prof. Jah also works to show how environmental protection on earth is related to mitigating the challenges of space debris. Prof. Jah is collaborating with Prof. Danielle Wood of the Media Lab on a project called the Space Sustainability Rating, which will be an operational incentive system that will encourage operators of satellites to take actions that reduce space debris and collision risk.

View past events here. Media Lab Perspectives will return in September 2021.

The Perspectives series features interesting authors, researchers, artists, and innovators to intrigue and inspire the Media Lab community and the public. Hosted by Media Lab faculty, the series explores current topics at the intersection of technology and people. The Perspectives series will be presented virtually every other Thursday from 12–1pm ET, starting with a short talk by the invited guest, followed by discussion and Q+A.

All of these talks are free and the livestream is open to the public. Follow the conversation on Twitter: #MLPerspectives.

We look forward to seeing you there,

Danielle Wood, on behalf of the MIT Media Lab faculty