How to share your OctoStudio project on the forum!

You can upload OctoStudio project files to the PLIX forum!!!
(This took me too long to figure out.)

The share button is at the top, next to the home button.

Choose Send Project File.

You might need a computer for this:
You can save it cloud storage OR AirDrop it OR use NFC to save it to a computer and then when you’re on the forum, and creating a post, you can drag the file into the typing area.

You can always snap a photo of your OctoStudio project and share it on the forum. Share screenshots of code or photos of how you’ve incorporated physical objects!

How to upload OctoStudio projects with only a phone or tablet:
DiscourseHub (iOS, Android) is the app that allows you to use the PLIX forum on your device. On iPhones and iPads, if you have DiscourseHub and OctoStudio, you can’t directly send it to the DiscourseHub app. You can save the project to the native iOS Files app or cloud file storage. Then click on the upload button…

Then Choose Files from your iOS Files app or cloud file storage!

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Here’s my hypnotoad file you can try out and remix.
hyponotoad.octostudio (19.7 KB)

Here’s what some of the code looks like. For the spiral eyes, I’m using two When Play blocks and forever loops to change color and also turn the spiral. Doing this means that they occur at the same time instead of doing one step at a time.

Crabby Goes Free.octostudio (742.9 KB)
It’s not done or perfect. It never will be! And I don’t know if you can open it!


I downloaded it to my iPhone, which saved it to the Files app, and then I opened the project in OctoStudio.

I love how you incorporated your library aquarium in the adventure! That was really silly fun story ti play through.

Hi @Jean_Daley yes, uploaded to google drive to open <3 Love this story idea :crab: :octopus:
how did you find using the app ? especially interested in the idea of using Say and Speak blocks together for dialog like that : )