PLIX event marketing

In my participation in the PLIX rural and/or tribal libraries co-design, I realized that my small library really needs ready to go marketing. “Plug and play” fliers, table tents and social posts. I would LOVE to be able to edit a ready made document with our library logo and have it print ready.


This was my weak attempt utilizing Canva (which I LOVE):

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Canva is great for marketing materials, you can even re-mix some projects that others made. And you can pop your logo on as you can see in @cschaeff 's post. Maybe we could all share some marketing examples we have created and let others use them with proper edits? And I will share a screenshot of a cool PLIX button that another PLIX ambassador created (@Francesca).

Here is what I created for a winter Beautiful Symmetry workshop


Thanks for reminding me about the buttons. I will add them to my winter carnival paper circuits take & makes!

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