Circuit Stickers Sketchbook (free and CC-licensed)

I think a lot of you know that we worked with Jie Qi on the Paper Circuits activity. We are looking at including some elements of her Circuit Sticker Sketchbook in the next version of the zine, and she reminded me of two great things about this classic of maker culture:

  • We are all “absolutely welcome to use whatever you like from the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook! And of course, [they]'d super appreciate it if you could cite. [They] published until Creative Commons specifically so folks would feel free to remix :)” AWESOME.
  • “You can download the sketchbook (including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese translations :wink: ) in full here

And while I was looking for this download page, I was reminded that this beautiful book which blew my mind when I first saw it is an official part of the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in NYC) permanent collection! Wowowowow! Way to go, Jie!

If you do see a page of the sketchbook you’d love to use with your library, please comment below!


Awesome. Thanks for this great tool.

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