[Workshop Share-Out] Sorting ecosystems with urban ecology

Did you attend the urban ecology activity training on March 11th? Show off your sorts on this thread!

HI I am Laurie Gaines from Cambridge MA - I love collecting nature and artsy finds. I have stacks of collection bins that I love to put out with large pieces of black cloth to create mandalas. We photo a layout and then return to the bins and start another. Very zen and relaxing. I have charts with where the nature or found objects came from for reference. Kids can bring their own and share. Sometimes I put kits together with a variety of objects a big piece of black felt for individual creating or large bins for group activities.



Nothing I have is as fancy as that. I did sort by size and tried to sort on color. And I found the arm of Spiderman.


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@MagdaNPL this is great! Where did you collect your objects?!

Sadly, in my front & backyard.

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