[Workshop Share-Out] Making musical instruments with Scratch+micro:bit

I made an example instrument for our workshop on making musical instruments with Scratch+micro:bit. It’s an electric bass that is totally going to shred at the next Battle of the Bands. :guitar::zap::zap::zap:
You know it rocks when your 11 & 13yo poke their heads in to find out what I made!

You can make your own using the Music cards on this page, and/or come to our workshop a week from today to show off your creation / get started on your own!

Here’s a screenshot of the very simple program I wrote:

This was super quick to make! The physical part took the longest, both making sure I had my circuits set up so that it was an enjoyable instrument to play, and also making sure my new-ish computer was able to talk to my micro:bit. That second part took a few tries, and admittedly I was a tiny bit impatient and did the steps out of order which meant they didn’t work right. If you are coming to the workshop next week and don’t already have your micro:bit set up to communicate with Scratch, definitely do the steps in the exact order described on this Scratch page: Scratch - micro:bit


In preparation for the PLIX instrument workshop on Thursday, I started tinkering with Scratch and micro:bit and made a maraca! I used 2 plastic spoons taped around a plastic Easter egg and decorated it with washy tape. The micro:bit is attached to the top part of the maraca with some tape.

On Scratch, I used the ‘when shaken’ function so it played the preset Shaker sound when you moved it. Here is the code:

Michelle also made a great instrument for more inspiration here. Can’t wait to see what we all make on Thursday!


I made a drum kit that also plays piano notes and changes the sprite’s colors as it plays. :slight_smile:


I made a cardboard keytar.

Supplies & Tools:
Duct Tape
Aluminum Foil Tape
4 Zip ties [8"]
7 alligator clips
3 arcade push buttons [12 x 30mm]
Utility Knife
5mm Gimlet
Acrylic craft paint
Black marker

Here is my Keytar PLIX Scratch project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/476662514


Here’s my Space Symphony using built-in micro:bit sensors (buttons); I was inspired by the alien opera example that was shared during the workshop :trumpet: :space_invader::musical_keyboard: (Note that this program needs a micro:bit connected to work!)

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@binka shared this Scratch educator guide with me today–it’s all about making music! Lots of sparks, inspirations, tips & tricks for running a workshop on sound-making with your patrons : )