Winter Kit Share-out!

Flaunt your :snowman_with_snow: winter kit creations here!

The PLIX Winter Kit supports participants of the Self-Guided Mini Course. The kit contains materials for two PLIX activities: :zap: Paper Circuits and :bee: Beautiful Symmetry.

Please share your explorations, creations, and even remixes!

What an amazing box! I put the lights up around the circ desk and can’t wait to get at all these supplies. Thanks, PLIX.

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So glad you enjoyed the lights @Jean_Daley !! They were the perfect combination of Beautiful Symmetry, (Paper) Circuits, and winter.

Looking forward to seeing how you use the kit!

In another thread, emicole08 mentioned a project they were thinking about doing last year. Christmas STEM: Gingerbread House Paper Circuits - Teach Beside Me

I was inspired! I tried it last night, and I’ll be making up some take and make for our kids to do it with.

I’m off to make tiny curtains, now. :slight_smile:

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That’s delightful!! So many possibilities.