Urban Ecology slide show

Hi I have been working on a remix of Urban Ecology (and other activities) for some workshops that I have been holding in partnership with one of our local high schools, Long Beach Polytechnic High School. I haven’t finished with the all the materials and write up yet, but I wanted to share this simple Canva slide show on this day, Dec. 21, 2022, the Winter Solstice. Our remix has been to hold up the Indigenous Peoples who inhabit and once flourished on this land. I include a link in the beginning of the slideshow to an article in the LA Times that has some great art by Miranda Bruce. When I looked her up, I found that she is a wonderful illustration artist who does zines! And zines has been our other focus in these workshops. It all feels very serendipitous!
Happy Winter Solstice! May the lights shine brightly for you on the shortest day of the year!


That is an excellent slideshow, Jacqui!

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@LissaMonster :100: Agreed!

Thank you so much @JacquiV for this remix! Let me know if you’d like to chat about any part of it as you work on it.

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That’s really inspiring, @JacquiV. Reminds me that I need a field journal for 2023.

Also, I’m part of our racial equity workgroup and we have been working on a land acknowledgement. I really like the way that yours outright states that the land belongs to its original owners.

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Yes @LissaMonster that would be great. I am going to put together a presentation of my remix for May. I am doing some additional research with my Library Archivist to find more info on the Tongva People. Do you have any knowledge of or experience working with Indigenous groups in the U.S.? It seems challenging to find much, which is not surprising as we live in colonized/stolen lands. This is part of what I talked about with my high schoolers. I felt like it might resonate with them.

Thanks. Saying it in the present tense is important because it’s true. I talked about colonization and stolen lands with my students, and I feel like they had maybe studied that before, but it wasn’t very real to them. Saying that we are actually on the stolen land, right now, makes it a little more visceral. In a virtual world, viscerality is powerful.

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Here are some pics from one of my workshops at the high school.


I love the handmade notebooks!

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@geee I recycled old file folders and printed paper discarded from our copiers