[Urban Ecology Email Mini-Course] Week 2 Exploration Prompt

This thread is for sharing the results of your Week 2 Exploration Prompt from the PLIX Urban Ecology Email Mini-Course. Completing these prompts will give you a chance to get into the urban ecology spirit and give you a better understanding of your local environment!

As a reminder, here’s the prompt for Week 2:

Complete your own mini-sort! Collect at least 10 objects from around your library’s grounds (or on your commute, or around your home!). Then, sort your objects in some way—perhaps based on a physical feature (like color or texture), morphology (shape) or where you found it. Snap a photo of your sort, and share it by replying in the thread below!

The PLIX Urban Ecology Email Mini-Course is a three-week automated email course that will help prepare you to run the PLIX Urban Ecology activity series in your library! Each week you’ll receive an email with reading excerpts, facilitation tips, and an exploration prompt to get you outside and into the urban ecology spirit! Interested in participating? Sign-up here! :seedling::cityscape::herb::house_with_garden::fallen_leaf::compass::bug::building_construction::bus::deciduous_tree:

I collected all of my potted indoor herbs that I’ve been attempting to grow and sorted them on a spectrum from “not really thriving” to “thriving” >>

As you can see they’re not doing great… I think I don’t have a sunny enough spot in my house for herbs unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:… but it was fun to sort them!