Take and Make - PLIX style?

Hi everyone - thoughts on Take and Make type activities? That’s not something we did pre-Covid, but I’d like to start it now. Very small budget.


I’ve realllly wanted to start this at our Library too, especially with it looking like we won’t have in-person programs for some time. There are many materials that can be gotten in bulk, discards from local businesses or recyclables that make a small budget workable!

Another children’s librarian at a small neighborhood branch is creating kits she can give to kids as a part of our curbside service. I think she is doing basic art supplies, coloring sheets and crayons, focusing on fine motor skills activities.

This branch is in a strip mall right now next to a grocery store where lots of neighborhood kids go to get snacks so she is hoping to catch some of her regulars this way.

I can let you know how it goes!


I love this idea: https://buggyandbuddy.com/mystery-bag-stem-challenge/

Basically, the kids get a bag full of recyclables, random supplies etc., and a card that poses a problem. They have to use the items in their bag to solve the problem outlined on the card.

(scroll down in the link a bit – it’s not the bat project that comes up first!)


She would love this - I will send her the idea!

Hi, we are providing activity sheets with each hold pick-up. We have a weekly sheet that matches our weekly Constant Contact email, but can also be done as a stand-alone activity. As others have said, we are hoping to expand that to “make and take” kits for the Fall.

Here are some examples of our activity sheets.

The Urban Ecology Scavenger Hunt heavily based on the PLIX prompts will be handed out together with the PLIX Zine on Urban Ecology:)
Here is the Urban Ecology scavenger hunt:

They were created in canva. If you have an account I can share the template:)


@amitchell, I think the Mystery Bag Challenge is great since there is potential for a huge diversity of responses/solutions to the problems posed. Sometimes I think “challenges” cause participants to search for a right answer instead of getting a chance to be creative, and so I love how these scenarios allow participants to really get to bring their ideas and full selves to the project. Also, so nice as a user to get a little goodie bag of materials, and even better that they are recyclables/leftovers!

@Eva these activity sheets are awesome, too. I love how you remixed the Urban Ecology Nature Walk activity to be relevant to the needs of your community right now. I think it will help generate some excitement in the mundane. :slight_smile: Definitely let us know how your patrons respond to these!

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We’re going to be piloting some Make and Takes at a few of our branches here in the Charlotte Mecklenburg system, we’re starting with a basic kit based from the PLIX paper circuits activity. I feel like it should be applicable to a variety of ages and be pretty self-directed so people can do it at home on their own time, we’ve always had a good response from people when we’ve done paper circuits at events in the past!
See below for out basic kit all packaged up:


This looks awesome. I’d love to get such a nicely packaged Make and Take like this! What a treat. :sunglasses:

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We did these - I am excited to put them out !



Hi everyone!
Check out this fun take-and-make craft for children and families. I’m currently putting this together as a take-home craft to go with an upcoming virtual storytime at my library.

Feel free to use the activity sheet and shape template PDFs I made:
The scale of my shape cutouts are bigger than the activity sheet on the publisher’s website.
The PLIX team reminded me of this awesome LEGO ducks activity we did at the Akron workshop last year which is very similar to this building-with-shapes craft.

Also, if anyone has recommendations for picture books about shapes and imagination for toddler/preschool storytime I would LOVE to check them out!
I plan to read three of the following: “Duck! Rabbit!” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis, “I Lost My Sock” by P.J. Roberts, or “Which Is Round? Which Is Bigger?” by Mineko Mamada.


This is so cool, Blayne! I see you have some play-doh included in the kit. What other supplies are in the bag?
Also, please share pics of the nests people create! (If possible :grin:)

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At my library, we have recently launched our first two “Make @ Home” kits, an embroidery kit and a weaving kit.


Could you share how this went? I’m particularly interested in the embroidery project. (maybe selfishly, I’ve always wanted to do some embroidery) If you have any instructions, videos I’d love to see them!

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Hi Brian, this kit was developed and put together by other library staff, but I can share some general information. Each kit contained:

  • a printed curriculum with step-by-step instructions and accompanying photos to complete the project (vocabulary, how to trace a pattern, how to wind the floss onto the bobbins, how to mount the fabric onto the hoop, how to prepare the needle and thread, how to do various stitches, and additional learning resources)
  • two embroidery needles
  • a fabric square
  • three feet of separate colors of embroidery floss
  • three bobbins
  • one sheet of applique film
  • one water soluble marker
  • one embroidery hoop
  • one embroidery pattern

I hope that helps!

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The paper circuit zine from PLIX inspired me to make a little notebook into an activity booklet for patrons, and it’s going out in a week or two. Some background since I didn’t have to completely reverse engineer it–
(a play in three panels)
I located a PPT slide online that broke the page up perfectly for a zine, so I laid some ideas out in it.
Then I used Canva for a few graphic elements.
Then we submitted the request to our graphics department, and that’s the final panel you see at the bottom. I like to think of it as a not-overwhelming blank book for participants to engage with. (It looks like 4 panels, but it’s the same format as the others; the panel spreads across two pages – let me know if you would like one of these and I can send it.)

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