SURVEY Researching COVID Innovations and Adaptations for your Library Maker programs

Hello PLIX!!
We really need your input on a brief survey. I’m sure you can agree that the pandemic changed everything, including the way we structure and deliver STEAM/maker programs from the library.

As part of an IMLS funded project, we are conducting a nationwide survey of how libraries innovated and adapted the content and delivery of these programs for making. I’m hoping to get broad representation in the responses. Maybe these PLIX activities are exactly the innovation you want to include on this survey!

  1. Would you please complete the survey from your library?
  2. Can you please share in your state’s pubic library network so others might participate too?

Thank you!! We are going to publish the results at

Survey deadline is posted as April 30, but we will end up extending until mid May.
Link to Survey: COVID-19 Survey of Public Library Makerspaces — Makers in the Library

Pamela Van Halsema

The New Face of Library Makerspaces