Space Food check in

What’s most enjoyable/challenging about the activity?

  • The most challenging part has been to get the staff of the library excited about the Space Food activity. We have a monthly Saturday STEAM activity and they did not want to use Space Food for this. Instead I am using it for a weekly activity.
  • The most enjoyable part so far was showing one of the kids an example that I made and he finally β€œgot it” and I could see the wheels turning.

Share your ideas for running the activity in your library/community

  • I have presented the idea and the one handout regarding challenges of eating in Space. I will lay out the kit materials on Monday and show the part of the video of the Space Station tour. I will send the kids home with materials and have them create and bring their ideas and creations back the following week.

Next steps / questions you have

  • I want to use the Zine and need to make sure that I am folding it correctly! Help Avery!
  • If anyone has any pictures of Space Food please post to forum. I saw a post but the pictures did not show up.
  • Any ideas for younger kids? We have a wide range of ages.
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Hi @lcdever Lynn! Thank you for posting on the forum. Could you repost to Space Food Explorations: Rural & Tribal Library Toolkit Project Phase 2 so others in your activity group can more easily see this? Thanks!

Also, do check out this forum thread for Space Food inspiration: [Workshop Share-Out] Kitchen Tool Design for the ISS Lots of photos for :rainbow: inspiration.