Sonic Seasoning Make'n'Meet Reflections

What are the sounds of your favorite foods? Least favorite?

Design a personal rating system for food based on sounds and other senses.

  • Can you make foods more likable for you? Or make them more dislikable?

Share your explorations and reflections from the make’n’meet here!

After doing this activity, it helped to reflect on how to implement it with learners of different ages. It helped to open up some dialogue on mindfulness eating habits, from likes to dislikes, textures, sounds, smells, etc.


Sonic Seasoning would be a great program to implement during the holidays, especially for ESOL learners. Talking about favorite foods could lead to a broader conversation about cultural traditions.

After the session, I thought about how a program like this might be challenging for library customers who are food insecure.



Sonic Seasoning would be a good program around the holidays! I like your perspective on how it can open up the conversations to other cultures - it’s another form of encouraging peer learning! It could be a challenge to those that are food insecure but hopefully by building a bond with patrons, we might be able to model curiosity and confidence - helping alleviate some fear.