Session 8: Facilitation Reflection Journal

Not sure where to start in your reflection process? Use this space to try out different reflection prompts and share new ones!

Here are the prompts from the session:

  • :vertical_traffic_light: “Red-yellow-green”—What didn’t go well? What could be improved? What went well?
  • :star_struck: Strong emotions—How did you or your learners feel? Were you excited? Frustrated? Confused? Engaged?
  • :speech_balloon: Sentence starters—Start your reflections with “I saw…”, “I felt…”, “I heard…” and any others you can come up with.
  • :person_in_lotus_position: Facilitation mantra—Review your facilitation mantra from Session 2. How well did it serve you? Adapt it to your needs as you grow in your facilitation.
  • :thinking: Other questions—What did you notice? What was interesting? How is this similar to your usual library programming? What did you enjoy the most?