Session 6: PLIX Personas activity

Exercise your creative learning facilitation skills with the online Patron Persona Simulation.

Share your answers below. Why did you choose particular facilitation techniques? There’s no right or wrong answer. Also check out how one group of librarians have responded to these scenarios.

I chose the answers I did as I never want to stifle creativity - I want to see where patrons go with what I give them. When I did Paper Circuits with my staff, I only gave them the supplies and let them place the LEDs where they wanted, traced the tape trails where they wanted, etc. I made some suggestions but I’m always telling everyone that they don’t have to listen to me and do things on their own.

Truly the best part is when patrons create solutions that I’d never thought of. I always praise them and say “Wow, that’s so cool, I never thought of that!”


That is great, @spiccino! I agree that it is important to allow one’s creativity to flourish and come up with ideas on their own. Frame prompts to open up possibilities is a great way to offer up a theme for some guidance but not limit the final outcome. :cyclone:

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Totally agree, @adodd! I also run a filmmaking workshop for Cadette Girl Scouts, and I always tell them, “I’ll give you ideas, but you’re free to say, ‘nah, Ms. Stephanie, we’d rather not’.” and they always seem surprised that they can tell a grown-up “no”! But it’s led to INCREDIBLE videos from each group I’ve taught, and I’m always blown away by their creativity and ingenuity!