September 2020 PLIX Newsletter

Below is a copy of our September 2020 newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, you can on our website. We won’t spam you! :wink: One email a month max, plus an occasional email about larger workshop invitations.

This was our first edition, and in the future we’ve decided to format them so they open a conversation on the forum.

Welcome to the new PLIX newsletter! :tada::tada:

In this newsletter, the PLIX team will share project updates, upcoming events, feature stories about librarians’ experiences running PLIX activities, and pose questions to the community. The newsletter will come out every 1-2 months, and we will make sure it’s a great read every time!

:handshake: Connect with PLIX

Has it been a while? We’d love to reconnect! Here are a couple ideas:

  • Come to our Community Call on Thursday, September 24th at 12:00PM ET. It will be an open meeting for all PLIX collaborators to get together. We’ll share project updates, feature librarians working on PLIX activities, and hold space for whatever you’re looking to talk about with the group! [RSVP]

  • Join the new PLIX Discussion Forum! Here, you can get ideas for creative STEAM library programming, ask & answer questions about PLIX activities & materials, and reflect on your facilitation practice with supportive peers.

:dancer: Activity updates

We’ve been working hard the past few months on launching some new PLIX activities, like Space Food, Urban Ecology, and CubeSats. Check them out on our new website!

Check out our Space Food activity which includes a brand new printable PLIX zine!

In addition to the activity launch, we’ve added ample documentation for our activities and facilitator resources on the new PLIX Activity Repository, making it possible for you to start planning a session today. And if you need any help, we’re here, and so is the community in the discussion forum. :blush:

Check out the PLIX Activity Repository

:sparkles: PLIX in the wild

We’ve seen lots of really creative program offerings from the PLIX community in the past few months. One example is from @JeanSlavkovsky at the Malden Public Library in Massachusetts. For her patrons, Jean created activity bags and videos around the PLIX Urban Ecology activity series.

Have you run a PLIX activity? Let us know how it went by posting about it in the forum or tagging us @heyplix on Twitter and Instagram!

A photo from Malden PL’s Instagram of their activity bag contents for the PLIX Urban Ecology activities.

That’s enough from us for now! Stay tuned for the next edition of our newsletter, and definitely join us on the community call and in the forum! We’re so excited to have you as part of the PLIX community.

– Lydia
on behalf of the PLIX team

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