Sensory Nature Walk overview video & invitation to collaborate

Hi! I wanted to share this awesome video from @JeanSlavkovsky at the Malden Public Library. Jean recorded an introduction to the Sensory Nature Walk activity for her patrons.

Last week in a call with librarians who helped launch the forum with the PLIX team, we also discussed collaborating on future activities. One idea for this was librarians from different libraries sharing their recorded sessions for others to use. Another idea–Sensory Nature Walk specific–was collaborating on showing sensory nature walks in different geographic areas.

If you are interested in collaborating, respond to this thread and we can get a group going!


Hi, all! @emilyhan and I from the PLIX team are going to be working on this over the next several weeks! We’d love to put together a compilation of nature walks representing a wide range of geographies! Let us know if you’re interested! We’d love some midwest and west coast representation!!!