Self-paced courses we like

I’m curious: Has anyone taken a mini course they love, and what have you liked about it?

PLIX is getting to work on a self-paced, email-based course with interactive elements to give people a way to learn about facilitating creative learning (kinda like the workshop we ran last November or the four-week course this spring, but more asynchronous).

We’ve got our own PLIX Urban Ecology mini course, and before we launched that our teammates took classes at Pew (on immigration), Highbrow (on relationships), Voraciously (Zero to Dinner Party), BuzzFeed (cookie-baking).

Please share any experiences you have had taking online email-based courses, good or bad!

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I’ve subscribed to a BUNCH of the Buzzfeed courses, not just the cookie one! (you can find the full list here; scroll down towards the bottom) – took many inspirations from them for the design of the Urban Ecology minicourse :slight_smile:

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I have taken/started a few Exploratorium classes on Coursera. They aren’t really email-based courses but definitely self-directed asynchronous classes. The thing I like is being able to work at my own pace when I have time and the ability to re-watch videos or re-read materials to refresh myself or make sure I understand concepts. Exploratorium Online Courses | Coursera

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I did not know Buzzfeed had courses! I’m excited to peruse them.

One I remember taking was the Creativity Challenge from I didn’t do ALL of them, but one involved writing your own bio which I’ve used often since then. It’s nice to have a go to bio when you need one. That’s where my self-proclaimed “design enthusiast” came from, because I love it but I’m not paid to be one (although maker starter curriculum counts :D).

I recently received the Artist’s Way and haven’t made my way through the book, but did try some Morning Pages and enjoyed processing my thoughts in writing before my day and hope to get back to it soon.