San Leandro Teen Programming

I posted this yesterday in a Bay Area Maker Educators group and it was suggested that I post here as well.

Hello Maker Educators!

My name is Jeff Chang and I’ve recently begun at position as a teen librarian at the San Leandro (CA) Public Library. I was hired as part of a grant to provide teen programming in a variety of areas including Design Thinking. Our Design Thinking programs are typically for an hour or two hours over zoom, either as a single session or possibly multiple sessions depending on the project. Our Design Thinking programs are typically capped at 15 teens (grades 6-12).

I’m looking for engaging programming to serve a diverse population of teens, many of whom attend San Leandro’s public schools which typically enroll a large percentage of students who are not meeting academic expectations according to the School Accountability Report Cards. Ideally, there might be some connection to Social Emotional Learning and/or Social Justice, though those connections could be tangential. I’m able to offer the instructor a small honorarium and have some budget to pay for supply kits for the teens enrolled, but only up to about $10 per teen.

If you think might fit the bill or knows someone who does please email me directly at my work email:

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks so much for your consideration!