RECAP // July 16 Forum Kick-off Meeting

Hey folks! :wave:

I hope you had a restful weekend, wherever in the world you are. Thanks for meeting with the PLIX team last Thursday to discuss the launch of the PLIX Discussion Forum. I’m here to recap a few things and remind people of our next steps. [You can also check out the slides.]


A few of you contributed some great comments on Thursday that I wanted to highlight as some things we’re definitely thinking about as the forum evolves.

  • @amitchell mentioned that she liked that the design of the forum celebrates scrappiness, and that the activities discussed in the forum won’t require much of a budget at all.
  • A few people mentioned that there isn’t often feedback on programming from non-coworkers. We hope this forum allows you to do that with the PLIX community of practice.
  • Some of you also mentioned how you think this will help with their virtual programming initiatives. This is definitely something we’ll be focused in the forum given current programming restrictions.


And, just as a reminder, I wanted to include what we hope the forum will be a space for. We want to support an online space where PLIX community members can:

  • Get new ideas for creative STEAM library programming
  • Ask & answer questions about PLIX activities & materials
  • Share advice and experiences from running these programs
  • Reflect on their personal facilitation practice with supportive peers
  • Co-create and shape this forum to be a welcoming and collaborative home for the PLIX community of practice

If you have any comments about these goals, definitely let us know! Love them? Hate them? Let’s discuss. :handshake:

Next steps

  • Poke around and use the forum! Many of you have already started some great threads in the forum. If you need some help getting started, here are some ideas for posts:

    • Share your experience running or remixing a PLIX activity (Photos are great if you have them to share!!)
    • Discuss an interesting or relevant article
    • Pose a question for the group to answer
    • Anything else you’d like!
  • We’ll have a follow up meeting 2020-08-06T17:00:00Z that I will send out an invite to shortly.

  • Please feel free to start your own topic in Site Feedback to share your experiences! I’ll also periodically ask some questions to the group.

Okay, that’s all! Thank you again for working on this pilot with us. :computer: :computer: :computer:

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