PLIX-style take and makes

Hi Everyone,
We’ve done a few months of PLIX take and makes and they’re going great! A few reasons I think they’re doing well.

I started boxing the kits up, PLIX-like, instead of low-budget in a paper lunch bag. I used lots of tissue paper and threw in more supplies than usual. I pushed the whole PLIX/MIT bit in every advertisement. And I offered 3 ways to participate: totally on their own/one Zoom session/ one open in-person session.

So far, we’ve done Beautiful Symmetry and we’re doing Inflatables this month. Next month is Space Food. Instead of making up 12 kits and having 4 go, we’re making 12 and all 12 go!

Anyone else working on something similar? Or anyone have any great ideas for Space Food as a take and make?


Well now that we are closed for programming for the month of January, I am definitely going to be doing something like this. Thanks for the photo of your kit elements. I am thinking that space food could use random extra odds and ends and see what they come up with…