PLIX Sonic Seasoning: Adventures in Beta Testing

Hi Lesa,

We are still working on the final version of the Zine but have added the draft to the activity page. You can find it here, when you scroll down a little.

The dome is a “clear acrylic plastic light globe with neckless opening” at least 16" in diameter. It has been cut down to fit a head inside.

I found it on a giveaway table one day and kept it just for the opportunities for play!

Hello all! I have been thinking a lot about literacy connections to Sonic Seasonings and then it hit me: Poetry!!! Poetry can be a great way to play with sounds and there are lots of food-related poems available in public library children’s collections. I have picked out “How to eat a Poem” by Eve Merriam and “My Tongue is Tasting Terrible” by Jack Prelutsky to test how the sounds of different words might effect how things taste.


@pdavislibrarian Phyllis! I love this idea. It opens up new creative possibilities of what we can do with the activity.

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Our teen librarian is remixing on Friday with our teens. She is going to have them experiment with favorite songs to see if they have any effect on how their snacks taste. See you on Wednesday!

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That :ear: sounds :star2: delightful!!!

Some things were mentioned during the spatial poetry workshop:

  • Mapping letters to fruit-- maybe have people guess different fruit words

  • Sensory pairings- e.g. apples with cinnamon, fennel with apples… do people have any synesthetic connections

  • Berry ink-- take some berries, squish them for the juice; dip a feather quill pen in the ink and write on thick stock paper. if you want the ink to last longer, add acid like lemon juice or vinegar to the ink

  • Churning butter- put some heavy cream into a small tupperware. have everyone shaking it until it solidifies. Dispose of the water, press the butter into a mold or shape with cheesecloth (or Saran Wrap) Addding some salt to the cream can make it form faster. You can have participants do it to rhythm or a poem.