PLIX Play Cafe: Paper Circuits!

Welcome to the PLIX Play Cafe series of Paper Circuits!

We’ll be using the forum as a space to share our creations, ideas, and reflections to support asynchronous connections, inspire each other, and grow a resource for the larger PLIX community.

For August 23nd’s Play Cafe, these are some of our playful activities:

  • Having tea and snacks together
  • Share:
    A photo of a place that inspires you!
  • Zoom Background:
    Download and use these graphics we made for your zoom background!
  • Play:
    Get started with a simple Paper Circuit
  • PLIX Activity:
    Bring a photo to light, based on this Paper Circuit Photo Take-and-Make activity

Here are some ways our pen pals may share on this thread:

  • Pictures of your version of the activity
    During or after the Play Cafe <3
  • Playfulness
    Emojis, ideas, stray thoughts, and more <3

Here’s our shared zoom doodle below, of our favorite lightbulb moments!

There’s been some very inspiring creations. Thank you @eva.skirlo for the impromptu origami cat. And @Kayla for the lovely picture of your cat’s contribution to our Paper Circuits activity!

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I had to skip out early but here is my project


Here’s my paper circuit pin! It celebrates the Media Lab community, to encourage sharing and love!


circuit book pin MM
I made a little book pin today at the play cafe. Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone!


@MMorrone Margaux — I love how the book format is so relevant to the message!

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Here’s our shared zoom doodle of Social "Move"ments!

Thank you all for sharing your (local) social justice issues. Some of them were especially for me to learn about, but I’m grateful that you are where you are, supporting the very real needs of those around you. So thank you for the work you do as librarians!

Sorry for the late reply --I kept forgetting to grab my photo from my phone. This is the pin I made for the Lahaina fires aftermath. #MauiStrong was a trending hashtag to support the wildfire survivors on island. I put the LED in the approximate location of Lahaina on my Maui island cutout (it looks way bigger in the photo). Not quite sure how I’d want to put the pin back on because the cell battery takes up all the room on the back … maybe I’ll have to make another larger version. I have relatives that live on Maui (including distant ones who lived in Lahaina), so it hit close to home to hear about this tragedy.

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Jennifer! The way you use your artistry to highlight your passions and issues on your mind and heart is incredible. I’m inspired by how you take a prompt and weave in those elements of yourself.

I hope your relatives in Maui have the support they need. Thank you for sharing this with us.