PLIX Outreach at Professional Conferences

Hello all!
I wanted to start another thread for us to start thinking and talking about how we’d like to approach doing panels and sharing out experiences at professional conferences.
A few of us just submitted a last-moment proposal for ALSC 2022 (ALSC Proposal from PLIX (Due Tues 2pm EST)) but going forward it would be great to have some intentions and goals that are identified by the larger PLIX community. Feel free to comment, discuss, and share

Some questions I’ve been thinking about, feel free to add others

Would you be interested in sharing your programs, experiences, and facilitation methods with a professional audience? Have you shared at other conferences in the past?

What would that look like to you? A panel with many presenters, a ‘STEAM Petting Zoo’, a poster session? What kind of information to we want to share?

  • How can we work with the MIT Media Lab to facilitate new connections with library professionals?

I’m excited to see how we can support each other in this outreach, and have some fun telling peers about PLIX


Thanks for starting this thread. I really enjoyed taking a look at the ALSC proposal and seeing what a collaborative process it was between PLIX ambassadors. So inspiring!
I’d definitely like to present at the New England Library Association Conference next October along with my fellow New England ambassadors: @Carine @Chris_Dorman @sslucius08 if they are interested. I envision a panel discussion/slideshow presentation along with a hands on component where librarians can take part in the full PLIX experience of shared learning and collaboration.


@Francesca this sounds great! I’m on board. Maybe we can talk about putting something together for each of our state conferences too.


We could also consider presenting at the PLA (Public Library Association) Conference in 2024 or the ALA Annual Conference in 2023. We missed the deadline for 2022 for both, but should begin looking for the PLA proposal form in spring 2023 and the ALA Annual form next August.


I think this would be a great opportunity to present at the annual ARSL conference which will be held in Tennesse next year in September. I have presented at this conference several times before and would be willing to submit a proposal.


I think that’d be a great idea! Could you link it here?

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I agree! ARSL is great. @aaffinito here’s the link Conferences & Events

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Hi! For some reason I didn’t see this topic before. I just posted about the California Library Association 2022 conference. The deadline for submissions is Jan. 6th.
The conference will take place in Sacramento, as of now in person but that is subject to change. At least the deadline gives a little breathing room. I would love to collaborate and run it like a PLIX activity.
CLA 2022 Annual Conference
Together Towards Tomorrow: We Strengthen Library Communities
Call for Programs
Deadline: January 6, 2022 - 5:00 PM PST

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Ooh I’m also New England, kinda!


I love all the traction on this, so glad people are excited!

So I think next steps for those interested in doing proposals for specific conferences is maybe to start scheduling meetings for specific proposals, open to folks interested in either drafting or presenting or both . That way we can get together in a life (virtual) setting to work on writing/drafting ideas, and start building a ‘template’.
As mentioned above, for the area-specific, in-person conferences it might be easiest if nearby folks were presenting, but we can all contribute to the content! Since we have a little more wiggle room for most of these we can post up the different proposals here for editing for those who can’t make live meetings, and go from there.

How does that sound?


This sounds great! New England Library Association just announced their dates today: October 23-25. They are tentatively planning on in person and not accepting proposals yet but I love the idea of drafting a template in the meantime.


Wonderful idea! I didn’t see this until just now. I’m submitting my PLIX-themed proposal for the CLA conference. Today (December 3rd) is the deadline. The conference is in May, 2022. It would be fantastic if we could collaborate, so count me in @Francesca @Chris_Dorman @sslucius08 @aaffinito


Amazing, thanks for sharing! Are you planning on presenting solo or are other PLIX folks on the proposal too? Would you want to share what you submitted so we can use parts for the future?

Schedule-wise, things have been a bit intense for me, I’m behind…so I have catching up to do for PLIX. The beta-users, intensives, and follow-up ambassador sessions however, have really opened my eyes to what is possible! I’m open to all collaboration, the CLA I’m submitting, any of the ALA, ALASC, PLA, WWE (jk!) that you’re all submitting would be great fun and a way to strengthen what we do! Let’s have some sessions and hammer out the details!

Right now, for the proposal, all they’ve asked for was a very brief, general program description. See what will be submitted shortly below:

MIT Media Lab researchers have been teaming up with librarians across the country to create a variety of fun, 21st-century thinking educational programs under PLIX (Public Library Innovation Exchange). A Connecticut-based PLIX Ambassador will explain the initiative and show how you can access zines, online workshops, and tinkering open hours that will give you the support and inspiration you need to get started with offering PLIX STEAM Learning Activities in your library! We’ll demonstrate simple (and fun!) activities to show just how easy it is to implement creative learning in your programming.


If anyone has any proposal tips, and/or ideas, please drop them here. I am going to start a google doc (PLIX Conference Proposals - Google Docs) to develop proposals at any conferences. I will be working towards a proposal to the California Library Association conference in Sacramento, June 2-4, 2022. Although they are tentatively planning for an in-person event, I am bet there will be the possibility of submitting video proposals…we’ll see.
Anyway, I appreciate all suggestions, comments, and questions.

Conference Details

CLA 2022 Annual Conference

  • Call for Programs - due Jan. 6, 2022
  • June 2 – 4, 2022 (Thursday – Saturday)
  • SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
    Sacramento, California
    United States
  • Website:
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Hello all!
Happy New Year! I wanted to follow up with these proposals, has anyone received confirmation that any have been accepted? No problem if not, just checking in.

Additionally, I am looking for collaborators to send to the Urban Libraries Unite Conference, a conference I’ve presented several times at and really enjoy. It’s based in NYC/Brooklyn but gets folks from all over. The proposal is due 01/14 so I’ll be submitting this week or next using the template we have in our Google Docs (thanks @JacquiV !)please get in touch if you’d like to be on the form

Hi Alessandra I have not been able to get to the CLA proposal, and I didn’t hear any interest in participating. So if you want help with your Urban Librarians event, I would love to work with you. Just let me know what you need. I will have time after today to work on something. Thanks, J

Wonderful! I’d love it if you’d look at the Google Doc and the ALSC proposal we submitted, as I’ll be using that template for the ULU submission. Feel free to reach out over email and we can chat back and forth!

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Hey @aaffinito, that email address bounced back to me. Is there a typo?

lol yup! I spelled my own name wrong, fixed it now :stuck_out_tongue: