PLIX@Macon Workshop Share-outs

Reach out here to your fellow groups of flamboyances, sleuths, convocations, conspiracies, pods, thunders, cauldrons, decks, and cahoots!

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, photos, anything!

-Ada \^w^/

We were able to use our Maker Lab to hold our satellite group. We have a large screen to project on. You’ll see one laptop under the large screen, that’s how we displayed up there, and then closer to the photographer (me) is the Owl (behind the laptop screen). We determined the view of the room was better from the center (which was less obvious with our setup).

Here’s our group photo, look at those smiles!

A few of our team have never done paper circuits, and it was an important reminder that there are always new folks to bring into an experience or new things to add to it. With a staff of hundreds, that means it could be viable to do a quarterly paper circuits craft & chat with staff. Staff especially enjoying making something analog.

This one was especially fun because it almost seemed like it might not work. I see it as an example as an organic exploration and artful success!

We printed about 8 maps to use in our spatial poetry exercise. Reviewing the maps and comparing them to our experience and knowledge yielded some interesting questions and observations. However, it may have been a distracting amount of maps! When we saw the Cauldron’s maps, we were blown away by their creativity. It has given me something to chew on for sure.

We’re grateful for the time and ideas shared!
Chicago says thank you!


The Thunder of Dragons had a wonderful time. Here’s our set up:

It took us a while to get used to looking at the owl when we spoke instead of the projection screen.

A few of our spacial poetry maps:

We started crafting a large community wide spacial poetry plan between our libraries using grids and art and plotting. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated!


It’s really helpful to see how other groups interpreted the Spatial Poetry activity! So much creativity!

The zine with the glowing eyes is awesome!