PLIX libraries' take on "Oceans of Possibilities" programming

Looking ahead to next summer, we’ve heard that many of you will be doing the Oceans of Possibilities theme.

You may have noticed our thread full of fantastic creations in the [Workshop Share-Out] Octopus's Garden with inflatables.

Recently we’ve been working with rural librarians, and one, Sheila in Arkansas, is working on a paper circuit mashup with inflatables project inspired the anglerfish, the bioluminescent fish in Finding Dory which she may share out later.

I just went to a talk with an ocean researcher who mentioned sharing images of zooplankton called larvaceans for Halloween, which made me think that doing a program with images of “microscopic marine monsters” might be fun. The one on the right has “a head full of babies that bursts open” … ick!

image image

What interesting ocean-related programming have you done or will you do at your library?


What are we NOT doing!?!

Very rarely do I get SUPER excited for a summer reading theme but this one has me PUMPED!

MSL (Maine State Library) is part of a real-world real science grant working with several partners such as the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, 4H, local school districts, and many more to create programs around climate change using data from NASA. Because of this many of our summer offerings will be centered around climate change and environmentalism.

Some programs in the works are…

  • Paper circuits to create anglerfish cards (can post template if others are interested)
  • Clean up oil spills (along with the how-to we will also be talking/discussing climate and environmental impacts as well as alt. energy if time permits)
  • Build a better lobster trap (It’s a Maine thing…)
  • Inflatable invertebrate! We will design and make inflatable sea creatures using PLIX inflatables
  • Ocean zones jar
  • I really want to do something with a hagfish… I just haven’t figured it out
  • Sea level rise and beach erosion (again Maine, it’s already a problem in several areas of the state)
  • Build a device to clean up the Trash Patch

Definitely share your template for your paper circuit plans!


Hi all! Our colleague Rachel Connolly works with NASA on science education & outreach. Today she shared with us some tools she uses in her work with data visualization. Would people be interested in a session with her sharing how to use these tools? Like to look at real-time data from the OCEANS :globe_with_meridians: :whale: :wind_face: :droplet: :artificial_satellite:?

A sampling:


Those are super cool to play around with. I love seeing the wind patterns on the Earth. I would kinda like to do a zoom call with some kids to see how these tools are used…

I am so impressed on how you all are already thinking about Summer Reading! I love this theme as well and am excited to learn more about your plans! Please share any templates, instructions, etc. for those of us who are apparently, a little behind the eight ball here!

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Angler Fish Paper circuit (sorry it’s not double sided we have a new copier and I haven’t figured out how to work it quite yet.)