Paper Circuit Remix Make'n'Meet Reflections

Light up your world! How do you relate the spaces you inhabit?

Share your explorations and reflections from the make’n’meet here!

I tried to represent a walking trail that follows a creek near where I live, as well as the streets and traffic lights that intersect the trail.

This is sort of a work in progress and all I was able to finish during the make and meet.

At first I was going to have green, yellow, and red LEDs but we discussed how the green LED wouldn’t play nicely with the others in a parallel circuit with one battery.

I like the overlap of metaphors with traffic “flow” and circuit/current “flow”- there might be more there to elaborate on in a future project

. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing @joem . I love the analogy of flow here. Both have currents!

You mentioned maybe trying out switches in this creation. I recall @katywarren had this element in her paper circuit remix!