Online Workshops: Winter 2021 >> RSVP Now!

Howdy! :snowman: :snowman:

This winter we’ll be hosting five online workshops: two Community Calls, activity trainings for Urban Ecology and Scratch+micro:bit, and an activity training for our NEW activity, Inflatables. Additionally, we’ve added new online training resources to our website. For those of you who have attended our activity trainings before, things are going to be a little different this time around, and will be much more play-based instead of discussion-oriented! We’re really excited about this new format.

This winter’s offerings:

  • :handshake: Community Calls Thursdays December 17 and March 25 @ 12PM ET
  • :space_invader: Make Music with Scratch+micro:bit Thursday, January 21 @ 12PM ET
  • :balloon: Design Robots with Inflatables Thursday, February 25 @ 12PM ET
  • :seedling: Sort Ecosystems with Urban Ecology Thursday, March 11 @ 12PM ET

Head to our website to learn more about current, past, and online training resources, and RSVP!