Online workshops we like

We’ve been talking about what we love about online workshops. I realized that some of you may enjoy the Friday Night Comic Workshop sessions run by Sequential Artists Workshops on Fridays at 7pm Eastern time. It is a lot of fun on a Friday evening, and it’s been a highlight of the pandemic for me (along with spending time with all of you, of course!) These used to be sponsored by The Believer magazine. What I like is the warmth they establish despite it often having 50-300 participants and no breakouts. There’s group sharing at the end. It’s all very nice and reminiscent of how we do things at PLIX!

Tomorrow topic is kinda relevant to Spatial Poetry:
Finding Your Dream House
with Jen Sandwich!
Friday Dec 3, at 7 pm Eastern.
1-hour, free
Sharing encouraged but optional!
register here

What’s an online workshop you’ve enjoyed and what did you like about it?

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