Metaphors for the messiness of our play/process in creative learning

I’m making a thread where we can collect interesting visual images that connect to some of the things we share with our patron learners in creative learning workshops.

I’ll start! I like this one I got from Paola Mattioli who shared it from some group called Thinking Minds. It’s an image that also relates to the pattern-making in the PLIX activity Beautiful Symmetry.

Finished products can sometimes be intimidating as examples. Things that look as if they emerged perfectly formed sometimes demand a lot of patient behind-the-scenes finagling, redos, etc. Messiness. And that’s something we want to encourage.


I always always want to reference the idea of “Nailed It” (didn’t realize there’s a show), but it feels extreme and I would be sad for anyone to feel put off by what I think is a fun example. I’ll try to think of some less dramatic examples :).

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